Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project 3 Edit1

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  1. Hi Adam,

    Some quick thoughts while you're still working on it:

    - make sure you unify the style (outline or no outline, etc. -- we discussed that in class).
    - the composition is definitely stronger (more engaging, more dramatic and active).
    - harmonize the lighting sources (pick one main source and apply it more or less consistently throughout the space of this scene). Remember to color your light source (and to pick that color, ask yourself which kind of emotion you want the reader to experience).
    - When painting in Photoshop, avoid excessive use of soft ("feathered" or "blurred") brushes, especially for contour areas (where objects should clearly be delineated).
    - Put a drop shadow on the "man in black."
    - add texture to the ground (the root, btw, helps!)
    - the boy's left hand is going to look bigger than it is now
    - the boy's foreground (right) arm should be longer (in order to keep more or less the same design, have the elbow come out towards the viewer, and that way the hand can stay more or less where it is now).

    I still love the background with the eyes appearing behind the trees! Very cool!

    Good luck with those items! Cheers,